Thursday, April 28, 2011

HOW and Where To Apply?? for MTECH admission

most of student are dont know where to apply? for Mtech admission.student are confuse they dont know where to apply? and how to apply? to resolve such type of queries regarding the Mtech admission i have given some tips for where to apply and how to apply for Mtech admission at IISC/IIT/NIT/other institutes which offer Mtech education.student get good mark and good rank in GATE exam but loose mtech admission because of their ignorance regarding the admission procedure for Mtech i have seen such example.during the admission to mtech you need to aware of all admission dates and last date of submission of form.mtech admission procedure is step wise procedure
first IISC bangalore admission procedure start they invite admission for mtech during

the month of february before the result of gate exam.any times no one dont know when mtech admission for iisc start.after the result their is no more days are available to apply for the IISC so who has guarantee of good score in GATE exam can apply for Mtech admission at IISC.after iisc mtech admission IIT Mtech admission start.the IIT Mtech admission start from the next date of gate result and you can apply for IIT up to 20 april normaly.then since april admission for nit institute start nit admission procedure is too lengthy is from april to Auguest.normally the institutes other than IISC/IIT/NIT there admission start from april onwords some institute like BITS PILANI has their own entrance exam for Mtech admission and also IIIT has its own entrance exam for Mtech admission.their are many more other institutes which admission is purely based on the GATE score and performance in the interview/written test.their are such institutes apart from nits which has more cutoff than nit for Mtech admission like COEP pune etc.
for iisc bangalore admission is given purely based on the gate score and performance in the written test held at IISC bangalore some higher rank student got direct admission for mtech admission at iisc i am one of them.after IISC admission procedure IIT mtech admission start normally for the first round for Mtech admission direct admission is given.then the remaining vacant seats are filled by taking interview/written test at particular IITs.some iit like iit kharagpur for first round they conduct the interview for mtech admission.better to prepare for interview for interview tips for IIT/NIT prefer my article
interview tips for iit and nit
most of time some nit offer direct admission for Mtech admission for NIT.
only important thing is you need to keep up to date information regarding mtech admission this will really help you a lot.
for mtech admission in nit for the year 2011 2012 refer my article gate:nit mtech admission 2011 2012 where all the details and necessary links are given.
for mtech admission in IIT for the year 2011 2012 refer gate:iit mtech admission procedure.this will really guide you for mtech admission at IIT.
hope this where to Apply? for Mtech admission will help u and best of luck for Mtech admission

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